Columbia/Camden RV Park

I-20, Exit 92 – Vic. Lugoff, South Carolina – (803) 438-8774

                                    WELCOME and THANK YOU for selecting the Columbia/Camden RV Park your home for awhile. This is a Family Oriented Campground, and as such, we will set forth a few simple EXPECTATIONS in order to insure that your stay with us is PLEASUREABLE, COMFORTABLE and SAFE! For our part, we will make every effort to keep the grounds and buildings clean and neat. We will inspect and make sure the bathrooms are clean and that all of the “machinery” is in clean and good working order. Our efforts will be to run the Park/Campground as a family Affair and for the benefit of you and your family. (Please let us know if we are FAILING in any way!)

                                    For our part, we expect you to respect our Park/Campground and to act with respect towards your neighbors – who are also new to the area! Since we cannot be here every minute, you are the best answer we have to operating a Safe and Well Mannered Park/Campground! Thank you for your cooperation and HAVE A NICE STAY! (If we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to call on us.)


Specifics                                                                  Rules Of The Road                                                         Updated Sept 21, 2010

Authority:                    We operate as a “hotel” and under the same exact law. South Carolina Statute posted in office.


Sheriff:                        The Kershaw County Sheriff is our good friend and has their main office three miles up the road. They are quit helpful to us in times of difficulty.


 Camper/RV:               A CAMPER/RV is a type of vehicle that is self-contained (has cooking devices, toilet, sink, and bed) NO TENTS AND HOME MADE CAMPERS are allowed in the park


Trash:                          There is a dumpster across the street from the office please bag and tie your trash and place in dumpster. No petroleum products (used oil or oil cans) may be placed in dumpster. Large bags or boxes should be taken to the dumpster; all boxes should be broken down before placing in dumpster.


Animals:                      Some people like them, some do not! We rent to both!! So, when outside your camper, keep your dog on a leash AT ALL TIMES. YOU CANNOT LEAVE THEM OUTSIDE UNATTENDED!! Please clean up after your Dog. (Take them to the fence for Dumping!!) Rotweiler, Pitt Bull’s and other vicious dogs of any size are NOT ALLOWED in the park. We can’t                  handle them. No outside pet pens are allowed.

 Monthly Rentals:           As to those desiring monthly rentals, we require that you stay with us for a one week period BEFORE we agree to a monthly arrangement. This   allows you to see if our park suits you, and for us to see if you agree with how we operate our park. Exceptions to this rule will be those who have stayed with us before."

Alcohol:                                   Alcohol can and does cause many problems in our world. It is nice, however, to wind down in the afternoon with an ice cold beer or cocktail. We have no objection, but would request that you keep your drinks in discreet containers, keep your drinks to your own spaces, and do not overindulge to the point that it affects you discretion! Remember, WE ARE A FAMILY CAMPGROUND!!!

Profanity:                    We simply do not need it – nor will we let it go on!


Radio:                          Please keep the sound of it within your vehicle or camper.

TV, Video:                  Keep the effect of either within your camper. If you are watching a “rated” program, please respect others in the area closing your blinds. NO installation of post or poles of any kind for satellite dish. You can use the light pole on your site or a tripod. NO DIGGING OF THE GROUND!!


Vehicles:                     Please limit to three vehicles per site. (This means 1 living unit only and 2 car/truck combinations.) Washing of vehicles is permitted using well water only. Sites 1 thru 20 can use the well water at the pond area. Sites 21 thru 83 have will water spigots located across the perimeter road.


Flags & Other             We all enjoy small flags flown in good taste! This includes the American Flag, state flags, national flags, and

Expressions:                miscellaneous flags including racing flags, seasonal flags, or battle flags including the Confederate as well as the Malcolm X flags. All flags should be sized on the small side of average (3’ x 5’). Any “mean spirited” flags will not be welcome here! Expressions of any sort shall be in good taste and fun for all. This includes photos, clothes, banners etc.


Quiet Time:                 Ten o’clock (10:00 PM) until Eight o’clock (8:00 AM) will be quiet time for the Park/Campground. Visiting hours are over at 9:30 PM. Parents are responsible for children’s actions and safety. Children not accompanied by an adult must be at their park site by 10:00 PM.


Site and Site                Please help us to keep the sites neat and clean. Please do not store items outside your unit that are not normally things

Storage:                       used in camping. No outside household size appliances (refrigerators or freezers) are allowed.


Summary:                    Staying in a Park/Campground cannot be all rules and no play. ENJOY what we have here. Make yourselves at home. Our suggestions are meant to make everyone feel more welcome. Please call on us with any questions or comments on how we can help you enjoy your stay with us even more. We know a good bit about the area and would be glad to give you information on “places to go, sights to see, and things to do.” Just call or stop by.


Checkout time:            12:00 Noon. Please reregister before this time if you are staying over.


Rates:                          Rates are for 2 people. Each additional person is $3.00 per night


Reservations:               Reservations take priority over changes in plans. Should you decide to stay past your current registration, please notify us as soon as possible?


Refunds:                      Refunds will be made by check mailed to your home address as provided by you. All refunds will be calculated on a weekly basis, then a daily basis. EXAMPLE: If you pay for a month and decide to leave after seventeen days, your refund would be calculated after charging for two (2) weeks at the present weekly rate plus three (3) days at the present daily rate. This total would be deducted from your monthly rent paid. Your refund would be the difference.


Eviction:                      We will prorate on a daily basis of how you paid rent. You will receive your refund by mail to you home address. All refunds will be calculated as set forth above and sent via check.




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