Columbia/Camden RV Park Rental Rules

I-20, Exit 92 – Vic. Lugoff, South Carolina – (803) 438-8774

   Welcome!! We want your stay to be a safe and pleasant experience. The following are our rules that everyone must abide by.                 

                                                                                                                                                               Initial Here_______

Camper/Vehicles/Trailers/Boats/Work Trucks:

a.        A camper is a type of vehicle that is self-contained (has cooking devices, full bathroom, and bed).   Window A/C units are not allowed. Only central air and free-standing units.  Campers must be road-ready and licensed. No tents or homemade campers or add-on/makeshifts are allowed.  Campers must be a 2002 model, or up, to reside in our campground.  Model_____________________________Year______________.

  b. There is a limit of 3 vehicles per site, which includes one living unit and 2 car/truck/enclosed trailer combinations.  All vehicles must be in good FACTORY overall condition, with no broken glass, rusted paint, gutted muffler, or damage present or physical appearance altered.            

 c.  Trailers and boats must be under 14 ft. to be kept in your lot. 

 d.  Trucks with safety beepers must be disconnected or parked in the rear.

 e.  Work trucks larger than tandem wheel ¾ ton pickups, flat beds or work trailers must be parked in the rear. 

 f.  Washing of vehicles, whether it is your living unit or car/truck, can be washed using well water.  Sites 1-20 can use city water at trailer site. Sites 21-84 have well water spigots located across the perimeter road.

g.  A vehicle that is vacated will be towed after 5 days at the owner's expense.

h. No auto mechanical work allowed at site.                                                                                Initial Here: ______ _ ___


  a.  We operate as a Hotel and are under the same exact law as a hotel.  The South Carolina statue is posted in the office.

  b.  Occupancy is 2 adults per site, not including children, with a maximum of 6 adults per site (including visitors).  Each additional person 16 years of age and older is $3.00 per night extra.

  c. Reservations take priority over changed plans.  Should you decide to stay past your current registration, please notify us as soon as possible.  (803-206-9954)

  d.  Rent will be due on the 1st of every month with a $50 late fee after the 4th of the month.  Payments must be made during office hours Monday – Sunday: 8:00 am – 9:00 am or 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm, OR via credit card over the phone during office hours.  Check-out time is 12:00 pm.                                                                                                                                         Initial Here: _____ ______

Campsite/Campground Requirements:

 a.  Campsites must be kept neat and clean. Please do not store items outside your unit that are not camper storage, just things used in camping. No household-sized appliances (refrigerators, freezers size 5cb. Or 3.3 upright) are allowed outside.  You may keep the grass, on your site only, neat and trimmed between cuttings.  Anything semi-permanent placed on site must be approved by management in writing first, to include platforms, decks, screen houses, etc.

 b.  There are dumpsters across the street from the office. Please bag and tie your trash and place it in the dumpster.  No petroleum products (used oil or cans) may be put in the dumpster.  All boxes must be broken down before being put in the dumpster.

 c.  NO DIGGING IS ALLOWED and no installation of posts or poles of any kind for satellite dishes.  You may use the light pole or tripod. Underground electrical can be dangerous!

 d.  We all enjoy Flags and Expressions. This includes the American Flag, state flags, national flags, and other miscellaneous flags, such as racing or seasonal flags. However, political flags and mean-spirited flags and expressions are NOT allowed. All flags should be in good taste and fun for all and should be sized no larger than 18” x 24” except for the American Flag which can be 3' x 5'. Only 1 flag is allowed per site.                                                                                                                                          Initial Here: ______

Conduct/Behavior in the Campground:       

     a.  Keep radio, TV, Video, and noises within your camper/vehicle.  If you are watching an adult show/movie, please respect others in your area by closing your blinds.              

      b. Quiet time is from 10:00 pm – 7 am. Visiting hours are over at 9:30 pm.  Parents are responsible for their children's actions and safety. Do not leave children under 12 years of age unattended. Children over 12 years of age must be at their campsites by 10:00 pm.

 c.  If you choose to drink alcoholic beverages, keep your drinks in discreet containers, in your own lots, and do not overindulge to the point that it affects your discretion.  Remember, we are a family campground. Alcohol is never welcome at common areas.               

 d.  Profanity will not be allowed.

 e.  Sexual predators are not allowed in our campground. We do not allow occupancy to this group.

 f.  We obey all state laws concerning weapons.                                                                         Initial Here: ______


  a.  Only dogs and cats are allowed.  There is a limit to 2 dogs/cats, and they must be 25 lbs. or less.  Rottweilers, Pitbull’s, Bullies, Shepherds, mixed or not, and/or any other vicious dogs are not allowed. The manager has the sole option to disapprove your dog. Service animals or therapy dogs are allowed with proper state documentation, in writing.                                             

b.  Your dog/cat must be ALWAYS kept on a leash.


d.  Outside pet fences or kennels are not allowed.

e.  Any dog bites are a crime and will be reported to the Sheriff's office.

f.  ALL DOG POOP MUST BE PICKED UP!  If caught not picking up your dog's poop, we will ask you to pay a $50 fine or leave the campground.                                                                                                                                   Initial Here: _____


Mail and packages delivered to you at this address will be held at the office and by signing these Rules, you are agreeing that there is no liability to the

campground and is done as a favor to you.                                                                                      Initial Here: _______


Refunds will be made by check to your home address provided by you.  All refunds will be calculated on a weekly basis and then daily.  Example:  If you pay for a month then decide to leave after 17 days, your refund will be calculated after charging you for 2 weeks at the weekly rate plus 3 days at the daily rate.  This total will be deducted from your monthly rent paid.  Your refund will be the difference. Please allow 3 – 4 weeks for your refund.                                                                                         Initial Here: _____


We reserve the right to evict any person for detrimental or disorderly conduct.  We also reserve the right for the manager to decide what rules to make on issues clearly not covered within this agreement. Any infraction will be determined by the manager and may result in refusal of rent renewal. If you are asked to leave the property and you fail to do so, you will be considered as Trespassing. The Kershaw County Sheriff's Department is our good friend and has their main office three miles up the road.      Initial Here: _____

 Campground dose not Insure for “Act of God” events. This includes Tree Limbs Falling, High Winds, Floods, etc.

Last, but not least, we don't want your stay with us to be all rules and no play.  ENJOY what we have here and make yourselves at home.  Our rules have been created to make EVERYONE'S STAY HERE A PLEASANT ONE!  We know a good bit about the area and would be glad to give you information on places to go, sites to see and things to do. Just call, stop by, or email us - John Clif Judy –


By signing these Rules, you are agreeing to ALL PARTS OF These Rules. Revised 10/28/2022


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